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Fused Cauliflower Prevention Kit

Fused Cauliflower Prevention Kit

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🔴 Our compression kit is made with skin-safe medical grade silicone rare earth magnets to provide sustained comfort over time while applying the needed pressure to address & treat cauliflower ear.

🔴 A set of cauliflower ear magnets you won't lose. Our magnets are attached to each other so you don't have to spend time finding the other.

🔴 You can worry less about pains & aches with our ear magnet set. Whenever you begin feeling aches, flip the magnets to weaken the pressure. Still feeling pain? Slide a pressure reducing disc behind the ear.

🔴 Water & sweat resistant, you can rely on these magnets to perform rain or shine! However, we don't recommend any activities that would cause the magnets to shift despite popular belief. You may reset any healing process that's occurred.

🔴 After draining & sterilizing, place these magnets at the affected location for 48-72 hours or until the ear has fully healed. Lower the pressure right when aches occur by flipping the magnets or sliding the provided discs behind the ear. Avoid impacts to the area for up to two weeks or redraining & reapplication may be necessary.

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