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Combat Labs

Premium Moldable Mouth Guard

Premium Moldable Mouth Guard

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🔴 ENJOY PEACE OF MIND - You only have one set of adult teeth, treat them right! Our double layer mouth guard is constructed with a comfortable yet impact resistant exterior frame with a moldable gel liner on the inside to give you superior protection without sacrificing comfort.

🔴 ELEVATE YOUR ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE - You can rest assured we took that into account when designing this mouthpiece. We designed gaps where your teeth meet the mouthgaurd to supply your body with the necessary O2 to keep pushing! These channels easily reduce obstructions in air flow.

🔴 PROTECT YOUR SMILE - Keep your teeth and gums safe from harm. There's no worse feeling than having to take a break from your respective sports due to an injury to the mouth. Stay protected and rest assured you won't suffer that eventuality!

🔴 MULTI SPORT MOUTHGUARD - Our mouthguard provides protection for all types of combat & contact sports; Lacrosse, muay thai, hockey, rugby, power lifting and airsoft to name a few.

How long have you been in the market for a new mouthguard?

It must be a struggle to choose a single one from the infinite sea of mouth guards. However, we're here to make every step of the process easy for you, both the selection process and the mouthguard fitting process.

The Combat Labs boil & bite mouth guard is easy to mold and provides the all around protection necessary for you to perform at your peak within your respective sport, without any cost to comfort. This dual lined mouth piece can take a beating, protecting your mouth, gum, teeth, you name it; You'll asked to get hit again with how comfortable it feels. The bottom of the mouth guard is lined with supportive grooves to absorb impacts effectively while other conventional mouth guards sends that impact directly into your gums & teeth. For all you mouth breathers out there, did we forget to mention that we molded into the design breathing channels to help you breath better during intense activities? Yeah, no need to thank us. We got you.

Within a few minutes of opening our mouth guard, you'll have this mouth guard custom molded to your teeth. It's a quick & easy process with a pot of hot water, the mouth guard and your teeth, you'll be out killing it in your sport in no time.
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